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“Your Mom’s Favourite Eazy-E Song …”

Collaboration between Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs.

Leslie Winer recorded the prescient and stealthy influential record ‘Witch’ under the pseudonym © — first released on white label in 1990 London. ‘Witch’ has been re-released in different formats over the years and remains a relatively small but persistent cult classic — championed by other musicians and kept in circulation thanks to the fidelity of DJs like John Peel, Chris Douridas and countable nameless others.

Winer has written and co-written songs for more popular artists (Sinead O’Connor and Grace Jones), collaborated with other outsider artists (C M von Hausswolff, Jon Hassell, Christopher Chaplin, Karl Bonnie) and continues to write, record her own music and live in France. She is also acting co-literary executor for the estate of Beat writer Herbert Huncke.

Athens GR based Jay Glass Dubs, along with Seekersinternational defines the core sound of Bokeh Versions. This is his first vinyl release of fresh material after a 2LP retrospective, ‘Dubs‘, on Not Waving’s Ecstatic Recordings, - his 4th outing for Bokeh overall.

“People differ in an absolutely general way.”

"Speaking to The Wire recently, Dimitris Papadatos described his Jay Glass Dubs project as "rewriting" the history of dub. Perhaps in his parallel world Leslie Winer is a star. Her 1990 debut album, Witch, though barely acknowledged until its reappraisal at the start of this decade, is considered a key influence on trip-hop. The spare spoken-word style of Winer's classic recordings still sounds remarkably modern, as if it could have been plucked from any point in the dub timeline since the advent of sampling. This collaboration between two artists separated by generations and continents (Winer is American, though she lives in France) sounds as if a snaggly loose thread in the dub-space continuum has been stitched closed.

The cosmic repercussions are considerable, as demonstrated on "Woodshedded," a howling whirlwind of drum machine and supercharged delay stalked by Winer's glowering imagery. The panoramic "About The Author" is almost as intense, throbbing with dread weight. Both tracks deviate from Winer's trademark minimalist style (and from her other recent collaboration, a meditative hookup with experimental composer CM Von Hausswolff). The duo ease off on "Cogged," whose kinda-industrial bassline and stoned head-nod vibe is closer to classic Winer. Further meditation comes from two instrumentals: the ashen "Tin Mine" and the stoned icy clank of "#29." But the mood remains intense, almost visionary, reaching its grand peak on "No Famous Actors." Winer's voice has a vocoder tang and the shuffling drums pass in confusing knots of delay. The whole thing shivers and smudges as if heard in a fever-dream—the sort where you lose track of time completely.
Published /
Mon / 22 Jan 2018 Words /
Angus Finlayson"

Y.M.F.E.E.S.* on Resident Advisor's Best Music List

I heard Tom Ravenscroft on BBC Radio 6 Music saying the other day that he had no idea what Y.M.F.E.E.S. meant.

Here goes: One of my (grown up) daughters was sitting around smoking some weed with her friends (somewhere legal), listening to some music & a song came on & my daughter said: "Oh Jaysus, this is me Mom's favourite Eazy-E Song". & everyone burst into laughter at the ridiculousness of the statement—which became this record: "Your Mom's Favourite Eazy-E Song".


Cover & Interior by Artist Iris Touliatou.

Bonus items: PDFs of lyrics. Promo Video by Punk-. Interior Graphics of Lyrics by Artist Iris Touliatou.

When you buy the whole LP you get additional Complete Side A & Complete Side B as appears on LP.

If you email your postal address I will send you postcard in the Real Post Real World Old Style. Before it's too late, like, in general.

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released February 9, 2018

Art & Design Cover: Iris Touliatou

Bonus Video: C.John aka 'Punk-' BloggingForJesus.com
Lyric PDFs




Leslie Winer France

Leslie Winer (aka ©) is a North American born musician, writer & artist who lives in France.

❝After reading System’s incredible interview with 92-year old Polly Mellen, I realised how boring fashion is today. Those were the days, when Leslie Winer and Jean Michel Basquiat made out at Irving Penn’s studio. As she describes, a ‘visual privilege’.❞
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